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Girl of the Day

Aikawa Yuzuki

I just love this picture of Yuzuki-chan. Kawaii OL cosplay pose… 素晴らしい!!

Today, Eugene wanted to rearrange the entire basement because Jennilee is coming next week to visit. I like his motivation, but his incentive… ^_^;

So, we tore the basement apart, put it back together in an organized fashion, and ended up filling our garage up with junk that needs to be thrown out. I bet that stuff will stay there for a long time before anything gets done. Regardless, the basement looks nice for once, and not so cluttered. Even the crawlspace where we put all the excess stuff looks organized.

Almost finished watching R.O.D. TV. There are so many twists and connecting points that pull you into the story. Subtle things you noticed in the OVA series suddenly make sense now, and people you admired are now the targets of scorn. It’s great!

My car finally goes into the shop tomorrow morning. I spoke to them on Friday and they made all the arrangements, I hope. I’m going to call MPI tomorrow and let them know what’s going on. I also have to speak to Erin about ordering my spoiler so it can go on at the same time. I’ve been thinking about totally redesigning and reupholstering the interior – I want a completely black interior with leather seats. I also plan to rip out my current seatbelts and find out why they suck. I may even replace those too, to match the black interior. There’s this ugly wood-style panel on the front that doesn’t match anything – I may replace that as well with molded plastic. Lots of plans are going into my car, and it’s gonna be cool when I’m finally done with it. I’m just relieved that the shop is going to give me a car to use for cheap. I’m sure I can claim back the cost plus gas from all the mileage I earn from work.

Mom really pissed me off today. She called to ask me what I wanted to eat for tomorrow, but I never know what I’m going to eat in advance. At the same time, she also didn’t want to do any guesswork, so she started giving me shit about some nonsensical crap, right in the middle of rearranging THEIR basement. I realized that even though it’s an Asian tradition to stay home and take care of your parents, I’m really just freeloading off them rather than living with them. I think that after Esmond goes off to university next year, I’m going to move out and find a place of my own. I don’t want any roommates either, so by next year, hopefully, I’ll have my bills paid off. Maybe. I just have to avoid going anywhere for anything. I might even have to sacrifice the NIN concert this November. We’ll see.

Current Music: Nothing at all. I want my damn Tommy february6 CDs!!! I’m not even listening to the Tommy MP3s I downloaded until I get those CDs because I believe in supporting the artists you like. Since Tommy airline is out of print, there should be some kind of petition to have it re-released! The whole OOP idea is really fricking stupid – companies are total bastards for doing such a thing. I understand about creating a demand by releasing special limited editions and such, but to make even the normal editions OOP?!?! 許せない! Damn punks… I oughta kill them all!

…maybe it’s time to stop reading Sakigake!! CROMARTIE Koukou manga. -_-

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