Girls – Bah Humbug!


Is it me, or does every girl I get romantically involved with leave me with nothing but bad memories, a broken heart, and something that stings my eye? What’s the point anymore? I know that God created woman for man to help the two be complemented, but I think the girl for me is far away in a distant land. And with my luck, though, she’s been taken already. I really don’t wanna date anybody anymore, it just isn’t worth the effort. It seems as though the girls I’m attracted to are oblivious to the fact that I’m nicer to them than any of the guys they hang out with, or they just don’t seem to care that I treat them with respect. Is everybody so cynical that a rose in a concrete world should be stepped on because it doesn’t belong?? What happened to integrity? Respect? Mildness? Dammit, this world sucks, and I personally can’t wait to leave it. I’ll be damned if I let myself get screwed over by love again.

Yes, I’ll agree that love does exist, and that some people can still experience it without loss. However, I never see it anymore these days, so that’s why I like watching sappy romance movies and chick flicks. Love is so rare that it’s only good in the fictional world.

Don’t blame it on my introverted nature, I love being indoors doing indoor stuff. That’s just my nature.

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