So, here’s a girl with GLAMOUR, Takizawa Nonami. If you’re into J-Idols like I am, you’ve probably heard of her. In Japan, the word, glamour, is used to refer to well-endowed women. Silly Japan. ^_^

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My Current Wallpaper at Work – Takizawa Nonami

As you probably noticed, I’m using ImageShack. They’re pretty good – the only image hosting solution that doesn’t have a disk quota limit, plus other great features. The only thing I don’t like is the format of the website, their credit system (whatever happened to monthly fees?), and the fact that filenames aren’t preserved because of compatibility issues (yeah, right, stop supporting those 16-bit OSes, ImageShack).

I got a callback from Hydro on Tuesday stating that my application was screened out, due to the fact that I was missing my high school transcript, and that I was afraid of heights. However, since the guy who called me was originally from my town, he wanted to give me a chance since I was apparently the only applicant from our town. So, I faxed off my high school transcript and had him amend the application, saying that I didn’t have a problem with heights. After all, I only have a problem with heights if I’m looking down or if I’m unsecured.

HACK-R 2.0 is still going strong. I’m a lot more developed as a writer than I was when I first started writing HACK-R, so HACK-R 2.0 is going to be a lot better. In my opinion, I think that the events in HACK-R are only a precursor to the events that will be taking place in HACK-R 2.0. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be amazed, but most of all, so will I, since I’m not planning ahead in detail.

Current Music: Jakalope – Creeper (Coming For You)

It Dreams was an unexpected surprise. When I first heard that Dave “Rave” Ogilvie was creating an album that took its hat off to his industrial music history (Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, etc.), I wanted to get it. Recruiting a new female singer named Katie B, he had several artists contribute to the whole of the album, including the infamous Trent Reznor of NIN fame. I got my first listen at CD Plus, since I was working at RadioShack at the time and we were both promoting each other personally. Although I hadn’t had a chance to actually listen to it until recently (thank the stars for car stereos and MP3 CDs), I haven’t regretted buying it. In addition to Creeper, I also highly recommend Pretty Life, Go Away, and Come On. Of course, the rest of the album is good (with the exception of Badream – why no Katie B vocals???), so if you liked Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, and the remix albums of NIN, you’ll like Jakalope.

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