Go, Gekiganger! Gekigan Punch!!

The Rant
I got three of my five Anime DVD boxed sets yesterday! SUGOI!!! I got Nadesico, Slayers, and Lain. Awesome series! I was watching the first two DVDs of Nadesico today with my brother, and when I got to work, I also got my Love Hina import DVDs and my Hamasaki Ayumi poster! KAKOI!!! I can’t wait for my Sakura Tsuushin and Lady Blue DVDs! However, my Ranma DVDs are on backorder …yappari …

Love Hina reminds me why I watched anime in the first place. In fact, Love Hina is THE reason why people should watch anime. Lots of cute girls, lots of comedy, a touch of romance, and lots of visits to the stratosphere a la Tendo Akane. I’m hooked on Nadesico right now, though. Gekiganger is the epitome of giant robot anime stereotypes! It’s awesome how they put in the “anime within an anime” concept.

Mou …I’m getting lazy! I’ve been lax in my Japanese lessons. It’s cool that I’m still learning a few new words and phrases everyday, but I do need to learn how to read and write. I mean, come on! Time to roll up the sleeves and adopt the Japanese work ethic! Yoshi, ikuze!

Mata ne, minna-san …

The J-Pop
I’m just loving Ayumi-san’s new CD! This song, Connected, is an awesome techno track, and it sounds more like a remix by Ferry Corsten. In fact, the music IS arranged by Ferry Corsten, so I guess that explains it all! Hehehe! I hope that Connected gets a “normal” remix. I’d like to hear what it would sound like with Ayumi arranging the music herself! Until the next time!

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