Good Help…

… is hard to find these days. However, sometimes life can throw you a freebie so brutally obscene, you have to wonder what the repercussions are. I know that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of when that horse is gonna bite you back in the ass later on.

I talked to my parents about my up-and-coming store, Chibi Shibuya, which is funny, because I had never mentioned it to them the other day when I told them that I was dropping school to pursue a life in Japan. So, guess what happened? They thought that it would be a great idea. My mom and aunt really liked it because they enjoy Sanrio and they hate going all the way to the city just to get it. What surprised me the most was when I told them that I was going to rent out space at the mall. My dad, of all people, offered to renovate our restaurant and add in space for my store. He even offered to help me get a loan and provide extra financial and business support. I was shocked. I was amazed. I was ecstatic. Not only was I going to create this kick-ass store, but I was going to be one of the pioneers who started “Chinatown” in my hometown. Whoa. Well, “Asia Town”, mostly because my store is going to be Japanese in nature. I guess things are looking up. I hope. Well, I only have less than three weeks of school left, and then I’m done with it for good. I’ll be working my ass off at two jobs and saving every penny I have (well, minus the J-Pop CDs and Anime DVDs I’ll be collecting from time to time), and learning Japanese at the same time. Won’t that be fun? Well, that’s all for now, and most of you might not even be reading this on the day I wrote it, since LiveJournal is experiencing technical difficulties, but at least I’m posting it. Ja ne!

J-Pop Insight
Ranma Nibun no Ichi. It’s my most favorite anime series ever, because it’s also the first anime series I ever saw. Try to explain to a kid why your cartoon characters suddenly have huge eyes as well as some moderate fan service, and you get an otaku for life, which is exactly what happened to me. It just so happened that I got the Internet about a year after watching a Chinese dubbed Ranma, and that’s when I learned everything I wanted to know about the series. After Sailor Moon showed up on TV, I started to spread my interests to other series, but I will never forget Ranma. Which is why I still listen to Ongaku Doujou, because the BGM is the best BGM I’ve ever heard in an anime. I can’t even place a favorite, because all the BGMs are good. Buy the CD now, I really recommend it, even if you’ve never seen Ranma yet.

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