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Ehh… everybody else is doing it, so why don’t I?

Heihachi is listed as one of the immediately selectable characters.

Heihachi is wracked by sorrow, but also realizes that the power of the mysterious life form could be the key to his long dormant dream of world domination.

Heihachi is sure that the “God of Fight” must thrive on the spirits of the strong.

Heihachi is not afraid of Kazuya’s rage.

Heihachi is struck with curiosity when a 20-year-old photograph of a badly burned corpse is found.

Heihachi is one grandpa you don’t want to come across in the retirement home.

Heihachi is truely awesome in every aspect of the work. (WTF???)

Heihachi is trampled by thousands of children…

Heihachi is killed in action.

Heihachi is there.

Heihachi is becoming too headstrong.

Heihachi is grief stricken and becomes a ruthless CEO & Sensei.

Heihachi is an honest, enthusiastic, and comical character.

Heihachi is peeing ( not literally ) his pants.

Heihachi Is Still Not Dead.

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