I guess I haven’t had a chance to update all that much. I’ve been busy, just a bit.

On Tuesday, I went to see Kim at work after I got to WP. She wasn’t there. Well, that was strange. Oh, well. I went to Southwood Groceteria next door for a break and ran into Vania, who said she had some problems with her laptop. Vania is Joe’s (one of my friends) sister. She’s quite hot, in a model kind of way. Hahahaha, I’ve been trying to get the nerve to ask her out for the past two years or so, but it never happened. Anyway, I told her I’d fix her laptop for her, free of charge, and she was quite happy about it. When I got home, I did some work on my scans.

On Wednesday, I went to see Kim after RS again, and she STILL wasn’t there. What the? I was busy doing a bunch of deliveries, but Vania came in at the right moment and passed me her laptop. When I got home, I was just tired. So… I did nothing.

Thursday, RS was busy as usual. Tim, the regional manager, came in yesterday and made us turn the whole store upside down. We had to have things a certain way, and he made me do all the grunt work while he took care of the sales and stuff. Although, he gave me a few sales pointers and urged me to do sales above everything else. Well, he’s a nice guy, but I really think that these people come in at inconvenient times. Anyway, I went to WP after RS, and it wasn’t that busy, so I worked on Vania’s laptop. I also went to see Kim again, but she wasn’t there, and I had to ask why. By now, I’m getting pretty familiar with the staff and members at the Boys and Girls Club (how ironic – I never liked that place ever since they opened up). Anyway, they didn’t know why she wasn’t there, but she was gonna get fired if she didn’t call in or show up. Ouch. And this is after she told me how she missed a lot of work and needed to make up for it. Anyway, after fixing the laptop, I went to Southwood next door and passed Vania the laptop. When she saw me, she thought I was unable to fix it, but I surprised her by saying that it was fixed and tweaked for performance and speed. Hahahaha, she was pretty happy, and acted like I was some knight in shining armor. I guess I’m a hacker knight? Hahahaha. And for the first time in two years, she actually made a move on me! O_o

She invited me to a party on Halloween (and she kept touching my arm, which made it worse -_-). Since I was (sorta kinda) seeing Kim, I had to decline in a nice way (I’m not a party kind of person). Talk about blowing my chance. I’ll probably regret that decision for the rest of my life. Hahahaha.

Yesterday, I didn’t bother to see Kim since I didn’t want to hear if she got fired or not. But, when I was helping my dad take orders out to the car, I saw her inside! So, I tried to finish up as many orders as possible, and I hightailed it over to the B&G Club. She was busy working, but she was glad I was there. She showed me around (never saw the place before), and they had a network for the kids to cruise the Net. We spent some much needed time together, and I was instantly over my regret from the day before. Hehehehe. I invited her over to see a movie at my place after she was off work, but she said she was tired – and she had already been offered to go out to the bar by her cousin – but she didn’t want to go. On the way home, my dad kept saying that she was playing games and that I should play them too. My father is the LAST person to give me advice about girls, since he can’t handle the ones in his life right now. Sometimes, I wonder if he’s really related to me… -_-

Anyway, I forced myself to wake up so that I could write this entry. I’d better head off to work now and find out why Dan didn’t call me last night. We’ve gotten quite chummy at work. I invited him over for a movie to check out my HDTV, part of a lure for Kim to come over too, since she and him are buds. Anyway… I should try not to skip entries.

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