“Growing robots out of your head is a pretty messed up thing to do.”

FLCL kicks royal a$$. I wonder why I never watched that series before. It’s definitely in a league of its own. Kurikuri? FLCL!! Hehehe!

No RantFict today? I’m just lazy. Maybe I’ll do it tonight.

So, the open casket ceremony for my uncle was held on Thursday. Pretty much everybody burst into tears, and I was close to them myself. I guess that I’ve cried enough in my life that I’m all “cried out”. Still, I’m going to miss him. He looked peaceful, though.

I finally figured out how to look-up kanji. I looked-up the song titles from an old album of TUBE’s to test out… pretty cool! Since I can read hiragana and katakana a lot better now, everything is a lot easier and clearer for me. I’ll still need my kanji dictionary, but at least I’m getting it done.

Winnipeg. Windsor. So, I’m supposed to make a big jump to Windsor with Hide-otouto. I’ve been doing some thinking this weekend – which, as you’ll soon learn, is a dangerous activity for me – about where I stand right now. I want to leave, but I really have nowhere else to go. I collect too many things, which requires a lot of money. To suddenly cut back due to bills from living independently, I wouldn’t be able to continue this hobby of mine. I think that I should just call it quits and accept the fact that I’m not leaving town until my parents do. Because I’m pretty much living with them for the rest of my life. Well, THEIR lives, at any rate. To be honest, Windsor doesn’t sound like a place for me. If I do decide to move, it’ll be to Winnipeg or Toronto. Maybe even Hong Kong. I have to be where there are lots of Chinese. I have to get more in touch with myself. I had discussed with Hidetoshi earlier about my Canadian side warring with my Chinese side, and which side was trying to be dominant. So far, it looks as though my Chinese side has won the battle. I made a pledge that if I were to marry, I’d want a Chinese girl who can fluently speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese. English is only elective, but not necessary. Korean would be nice too, but also not necessary. So, in essence, I’m ready to throw away my Canadian roots and jump full tilt into my culture. My blood is pure, so why poison it further?

So, what does this mean to everybody? I’m not sure. I’ll be making Chinese friends. I’ll be making less of an effort to speak English. As for my current non-Chinese friends? Well, I’m not going to drop you all, that’s for sure, but if you think that my culture is overrated, old-fashioned, laughable, and not worth getting into, then you aren’t fit to be my friends. It’s people like you that made me come home after my first day of kindergarten to tell my mother – the most important person in the world to me – that I didn’t want to speak Chinese anymore because everybody made fun of me, and disappointed her as well as myself.

Hide-otouto, I can’t and won’t cast you aside THAT easily. Our friendship is stronger than anything, and no matter where we are, we will still feel that bond, taut and rigid.

Megs, you always leaned on me for support, as if I was a pillar, but I’m just as broken and fragile as you. Your pragmatic views of the world made me feel even more imperfect in your imperfect world. I could have fallen in love with you in another time and place, and provided that I was taller. ^_^

Ruth, thanks for your insight. You’re always fun to talk to.

Is that all? Well, I don’t have many close friends, so if you weren’t mentioned, you should be relieved to not be involved in this.

That was long. Time to play Diablo II, Kyodai, or SSX Tricky. Whichever I feel like. じゃね!

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