[H-Anime] V.G. Neo – Episode 01

Okay, even though this was hentai, I’m not going to put up any H pics, because it’s just WRONG.

This anime would have been more enjoyable without the hentai. The hentai was borderline rape, which may be fine with some people, but not with me. If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s nonconsential sex. The character designs are very good, and the fighting scenes are so-so. The fact that this anime is based on the game is what boggles my mind.

I would have posted H pics if the anime was trying to be cute and funny about it, but this is obviously not (even though there are some non-H cute scenes).

The only thing really good about this is the theme song done by KOTOKO. She’s the best! (Torrent: HF-Network)

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