HACK-R 2.0

It’s been a really good summer so far – hot weather, but all the bugs are out. I really hate bugs. Regardless, it’s been good cruising weather.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI made a new icon for myself – it’s Iwasa Mayuko! She is so hot, and she’s one of my most favorite idols. Speaking of idols, I finally got in the magazines I ordered today. Two issues of sabra and one issue of BOMB. I can’t believe how small BOMB is, it’s more like a digest than a magazine, but it comes with a DVD, just like sabra does, so I can’t wait to get home and pop that disc into my system and start ripping like a madman. Those guys at kawaiiNation are gonna be pleased!

Yeah, speaking of K-N, I haven’t visited that site in a while. I guess work is catching up with me. That, and I’ve finally gotten the inspiration to start working on HACK-R 2.0, one of the manga fiction series I write. I pumped out three pages of hacking goodness last night, and I hope to pump out some more today. I was revisiting an old album before I starting typing away at the keyboard – hiro’s Naked and True. What an amazing album, even after three years. I expected no less from a former member of SPEED.

However, for the purpose of writing HACK-R 2.0, I needed something edgier and off the wall, so I popped in the latest album of Static-X, Start A War, followed by Mushroomhead’s XX and topped off with Atreyu’s The Curse. All very good nu-metal albums, if you can consider Atreyu nu-metal, since they play some frighteningly fast solos and mean riffs. Eugene is currently practicing how to play Right Side Of The Bed, featured on the album (don’t know if it’s a single or not, but it definitely should be!!).

I’m currently putting together a few MP3 CDs for the trip down to Winnipeg in August for Ian and Jazmine’s wedding. I’m definitely going to mix it up, since Esmond likes music a bit differently than me. One of the playlists I have running right now is J-Urban, J-Pop that follows the American trends of R&B, hip-hop, and rap. Of course, there aren’t many songs that actually fit the genre even if the artists do sing them, so I had to delve into Chinese and Korean artists to complete the playlist properly. I’ll be sure to include that playlist at a later time once I’ve become completely satisfied with it.

Current Music: Crystal Kay – Ex-Boyfriend

It’s definitely a hit-and-miss with me and Crystal Kay. The half African-American, half Korean J-Pop songstress sings a wide variety of music, and is one of the only J-Pop artists who isn’t Japanese. Her music is definitely categorized under J-Urban, but there are some songs that are definitely J-Pop. Then again, she sometimes sings completely in English, which is definitely different. Not that I mind it, but if I’m listening to J-Pop, I prefer not to listen to English at all. Even Heartsdales is pushing my limit from time to time. Anyway, I digress. She puts out singles that either strike a chord with me (Ex-Boyfriend) or rub me the wrong way (hard to say). Mind you, she has a very good voice, so I keep holding out for that one album where I don’t have to skip more than 80% of the tracks. Her newest album is Crystal Style, which I haven’t heard yet, but it’s definitely on my to-listen list.

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