HACK-R and a Huge Update

Out of debt, out of mind! I just preordered hitomi’s flow/Blade Runner and Hamasaki Ayumi’s H CD. VISA decided to give me a $1000 higher credit limit. Losers. :P

Anyway, I’m doing weekday deliveries at the restaurant now, so I’m making about $300 more a month on average, so I’m bringing in about $1000 a month. I may even get a day job at Crappy Shack next week, so we’ll see what happens. The more money I make, the sooner I can pay off my stupid line of credit.

Well, I finished Soon Keat’s computer on Monday, so he came to pick it up. I’ve been watching I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, and it’s a hilarious series, but the ending wasn’t so hot. I guess you can’t have everything.

I bid on some more DVDs from eBay – Fruits Basket and Mahoromatic. The Mahoromatic DVD I got in was a fansub copy, so the picture was about VCD quality. Ouch. I also decided to order a new burner and CD-ROM. I went with an LG 24x10x32 burner and an LG 52x CD-ROM. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

I put together all the hitomi songs that I thought would be appropriate for HACK-R and then I burned them on CD. Once that was done, I continued writing HACK-R while listening to the CD over and over again. I finally finished the entire series. After much bugging from Hidetoshi about writing more, I ended up finishing it. I really wanna make it into an anime now! Hahaha, no, I should make a manga first. I started getting into some newer anime only available in Japan now, like Azumanga Daioh, Chobits, Pita-Ten, Snow Sugar, and .hack//SIGN. .hack//SIGN is the coolest concept I’ve seen so far. The BGM for that series is so ethereal and the storyline is interesting enough. Anyway, I gotta get to work, so another update tonight, I hope.

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  1. fireanddarkness says

    dude how come they are all fiddernce from mine> i want to be puttin on those mood things and stuff too.????? wtf

  2. You have to click on the (…) beside Update Journal. Then you can access the advanced options.

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