Hagiwara Mai… kawaii yo

Another long day at work… at least I don’t have to work until 12:30 PM tomorrow. Yay for me! I get to sleep in!

Finally finished Bright Girl’s Success last night. What a great and unexpected ending! I knew that Gi Tae and Yang Soon would end up together, just not the way I expected! ^_^

Went to see Eugene practice live with his band of sorts. The lead singer, Natasha, was a really good vocalist. She sounds kinda like Shania Twain. They played a lot of rock songs. Personally, I think that Eugene is playing songs that are waaaaaay too easy than he’s capable of. But, it’s his fourth time playing live, so I don’t blame him for not wanting to screw up.

I got in my three Hagiwara Mai DVD’s… of all the rotten luck. Bauhaus disco’ed these DVD’s, so it was either now or never to get them, so I got them. Put a big dent in my Visa doing so too, but… at least I can say that I have them now. I just finished watching the first one. It was pretty good. Hagiwara-san is really cute! It would be nice to have a girlfriend like Hagiwara – cute, playful, kinda shy. Heck, I like any kind of Japanese girl… must be the culture.

So sleepy now… gonna go to sleep. Still lovin’ the new Amuro-san CD. I’ll definitely be buying this one. Zettai ni!~

Current Drama: Bright Girl’s Success – 15 to 16 [KDrama DVD], Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Live – 10 [T-N]

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