Haiku to Dissipate Frustrations

She overreacts
When I say the smallest things
To get on her nerves

They are blind to me
Can’t see past their own mindsets
They are so stubborn

I tried to explain
But they don’t listen to me
I took a big knife

I can’t hurt myself
I won’t fall to cowardice
A waste to give up

I wield a sharp blade
My mind is unleashed in rage
I break everything

My mind is weary
Vision is clouded by tears
But never again

Why do they bother?
They will not understand me
Just leave me alone

They can’t read my mind
And they can’t compare their lives
I won’t shed more tears

I cannot believe
I’m spouting my problems out
Through these dumb haiku ^_^

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  1. whoah~ . . . deepness o___o

  2. It really did get a lot off my chest. Haiku writing should be considered enlightening. Score another point for Nippon! WAI~!

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