Hann 2.0 – Faster Smarter Stronger – Or Maybe Just Off The Deep End. O_o

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a vamp when it comes to my active living. I stay up as late as possible, getting all my hobbies done during that time, and I wake up as late as possible just to get to work on time. It’s how I’ve always been, ever since I went to high school.

I had to drop my dad off to work this morning at 6 AM, and I haven’t slept yet. I decided not to, since I’ve decided to make a change in my life. Getting up early might be beneficial to me – I want to keep myself healthy and in shape, so I’ve decided to get some early morning jogging in, once spring starts up. It was a rough night trying to sleep early last night… I didn’t even sleep early at all, but the fact that I tried to get to sleep will eventually get me into the mentality of waking up early. I’m so out of shape these days, not like when I was younger taking gym class. I know that gym class was never considered a true prerequisite, one of those courses you didn’t think you’d need to further your education, but it kept you in shape, and it was supposed to give you that mindset for afterwards, so that you could keep healthy on your own. I’m not even talking about the odd game of tennis you play every so often (or whatever sport you might be playing), but keeping in shape everyday. How many people reading this (all one of them, me included ^_^) can actually say that they’ve been keeping healthy since high school? No way, I’ve really let myself go. My idea of exercise these days involve typing at a computer (although that’s not entirely true as of late, because I get put to work at RadioShack lifting and moving heavy boxes). So, I’m making the change. What initiated this change? It’s a really stupid reason.

Okay, so on the roster, I’m eating more. I’m up to about 6 meals a day. I’m going to be exercising more. I want to get back into weight training as well, to work on toning my body for prime fitness. I guess that means less gaming, which I’m fine with – I don’t really game all that much to begin with. My frame of mind is also changing too – I used to be self-conscious about things I did in public and such (like how I had to act a certain way or say certain things). Just yesterday, I did the unthinkable – I went and bought a Playboy (grrrrrrrr, Jaime Pressly) without hesitating or waiting for a male cashier to be on duty. Isn’t that crazy? Okay, well, for me, it is. And it’s not like I bought the damn thing for fap-happy fun. I have a thing for collecting and archiving pictures of girls – gravure or hadaka – you name it. And I’m not gonna make an excuse about how I read “the articles”. Besides, how can you even make such a lame excuse like that? Have you ever actually READ one of those articles? Man, I’ve read textbooks that couldn’t put me to sleep faster than those things. You want a mag that gives you both the girls AND the articles, then read Maxim or FHM. The articles are tickle-me-hilarious, and the girls have awesome gravure shots, along with funny little captions for most of their pictures. ^_^

So, I’m slowly changing myself, physically and mentally. I’m tired of being the weak, meek geek I’m used to being (hehehe, it all rhymed!!). Mind you, I’m not gonna shed all aspects of myself, just a part of it. I’m not gonna let people push me around anymore. I’m sure as heck not gonna be a jerk or anything, but if people try to push my buttons, then they’re gonna regret it.

See? Still a geek anyway. Still ranting. ^_^;;;

Current Manga: Perfect Girl Evolution – 13 [AnimeWaves]

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  1. ^__^ Hehe~ you know, I think I would be just like you if it wasn’t for school. Mind you, I have found ways to work my schedule around so I don’t have early classes. But I do have those crazy earlier labs in the morning that leave me half concious all day. I think coffee would help, if I wasn’t such a clueless person. I can’t tell decafe from uh… cafe. -_-;;

  2. I always though decafe was spelt as decaf?

  3. I understand where you’re coming from there. Everyone pushes me around because they know I don’t fight back usually. Management at work, customers, a curtain former roommates. . . . yeah.

    It’s not a good quality to have, because there is a point where you can be TOO nice and try to make people happy TOO much. And that is the point that I am at, I don’t know about you. . . but I am.

    So yes!! Change it!! Do something about it!!! Just don’t be a jerk because then I won’t like you anymore and I really can call you a JERK then!!! ^____^

  4. Yeah, school is pretty stressful, but I bet if you started waking up way early and doing some jogging, you’d have a lot more energy during the day. That’s what I found so far. Mind you, it’s very very hard to leave your soooooooo comfortable bed, but once you do (and get over the tired spell), you feel really refreshed all day. Although, there’s nothing that can be done about the laziness… ^_^

  5. XD Probably. I have no clue.

  6. Ah, I guess it’s close enough.

  7. Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I’m too nice to people, and when they treat me bad, I’m just as nice. Well, the old saying, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you,” can have appended, “Unless they’re being jerks too. ^_^”

    Now, I’ll still be nice, but I’m not gonna sit idle while they take advantage of my niceness. Either that, or I just won’t care.

    I’m also gonna try and hit on more girls this year. ^_^

  8. OMG!! And I’ll so try to hit on my guys this year. . although, that can’t be too hard. . when I think about my history with guys. . . Boys, make me shy.

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