Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, it’s the Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Lunar New Year to the rest of the world and World of WarCraft. I got to see the lion dance on TV and eat chai choy just now, so that’s probably the only time in the entire year that I’ll ever feel like I’m Chinese.

After an entire weekend full of grief and frustration over why my local Apache/PHP/MySQL configuration wouldn’t cooperate with me, I finally gave up and decided that it was because I wasn’t running a Linux web server instead. Windows sucks for server use, period.

So, I needed another way to test the guild website, and I found it. Fitting that it’s CNY, because it’s now the first day that I moved my web host to a new company. You probably didn’t notice unless you were browsing my blog at noon today and got nothing but errors. I had a downtime of about 30 minutes, which is amazing, compared to the ridiculous 2 days I had before when I first moved to Ace of Space several years ago (wasn’t their fault either, it was the delays of transferring a domain name back in the day). I specifically chose this new company, Ace-Host.net, because they offered several things that appealed to me – Linux server, 5 GB of space, 100 GB of bandwidth, and tons of PHP/MySQL apps! So, since I wanted to use PHP-Nuke for the guild site, I installed that and had no problems. Linux servers rock. I also noticed that WordPress is included in the list, so I might be moving my blog to that new format in the near future.

Did a VC/DM run two nights ago. We got up to VC himself with only one casualty, but we got toasted by his adds due to a mistake on my part of wittling VC’s HP down too low (I was the tank for that particular part). No matter, I didn’t even have the quests at the time. Tonight, though, since I have to stay up late for my parents’ sake (silly CNY tradition), I’m going to get all my quests completed before making another run.

Shower, do a bit more configuration on the site, and then off to WoW. I definitely need it.


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