Have a Nice Weekend!

The Memory
I’ve done a lot of crazy mistakes when I was working customer service for the past 7½ years at my parents’ restaurant. The most memorable ones have been over the phone and face-to-face. My favorite one – and, consequently, my brother’s favorite one for teasing me – has been this face-to-face one:

Hann: Here’s your order. (Passes the customer a bag of food.)
Customer: Thank you.
Hann: You’re welcome. Have a nice weekend.

It was Tuesday at the time. ^_^

The Rant
It’s been a pretty hectic weekend. The weather was and still is cold – -46°C. Work was busy. I had to grudgingly fix a computer for one of my old clients who couldn’t take no for an answer. I received my JGirl magazines and photobook of Kamiya Sayaka on Friday. I actually got a copy of Bif Naked: Purge, after Music City FINALLY received stock of it. I made a high score of 550,000 points with Kaori and 530,000 points with Elise in SSX Tricky. All in all, it was a so-so weekend.

The Obligatory Download
Here’s an obligatory download for all you readers out there. Family Guy and Kool-Aid fans out there, watch this video!

For all you paranoid virus users out there, this file contains no viruses. It’s a video file, not a program file. Only program files can contain viruses. Some scenes may offend those associated with the U.S. judicial system or people who worship the Kool-Aid Guy. I cannot be held liable for negative results from this video, however, I may be congratulated for distributing the “OH YEAH!!!” craze across the Net. If you prefer not to download this video, then you are missing out.

(EDIT: For all you paranoid virus users out there, this video is no longer available, ever since the move to Blogger. So, ignore my rant.)

The J-Pop
Hey, it’s the song for the Takano Yuri CM. I love this song. Slow and powerful, just the way Ayumi-san should be. This is my second favorite new song from the album. In conclusion (kids, don’t use this phrase in your essays), buy I Am …. Ja ne!

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