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Ookubo Mariko

Yesterday was INSANE. It was the designated shopping day for Esmond and I. We went for lunch at Burger King and headed to FutureShop. Once there, we checked out home theatre systems for Ian and Jazmine, and since the sale associate there, Steve, did a good job, and I found the system I considered, I bought it then and there, having them hold it for pick-up. At the same time, I snagged four 25-packs of DVD+R’s for only $12.99 each! Sweet deal!

After that, Oliver called, said he was in the city and going to watch Fantastic Four with Ka-Ka and Markus. So, we agreed to meet up in St. Vital after the movie was done. We headed down to St. Vital where we had lunch and Esmond traded in some old games for a discount off of Guild Wars. Then, we went to Chapters where we picked up some manga. Unfortunately, the books on cryptography were not even there, but I managed to pick up The Code Book. Oliver found us and we waited for Margaret to show up and pick up the kids. We waited at Bluenotes, where we picked up a few hilarious tees, and then went off to Visions. Once there, Oliver’s friend set us up with the manager, who gave us pricing at cost, but I’m sure that he made some kind of profit on it, or at least broke even. My original plan was to get a 10″ low-end sub, a box, and a 200-watt mono amp. That did NOT happen. I ended up going with a full Rockford system, everything short of a crossover coil (whatever THAT is). Instead of a 10″ Rockford P1 Punch sub and a 200W mono amp, I somehow ended up with a 12″ Rockford P3, a sealed box, and a 300W mono amp. Insane much? I also got two 5×7″ and two 6×9″ Punch speakers, and a 4 gauge wire kit. Because of this, I ended up with a potentially more powerful system and a $1000 dent in my savings account. Heh. Ouch. Unfortunately, they could only install my system the next day, so I’ll be without my car for a few hours there.

After that, we went to Portage Place so that Esmond could get his Gundam models. I also picked up the Azumanga Daiou vol. 3 manga. We went to St. Vital after that, picked up supplies at Wal-Mart, and went to Moxie’s for supper. Finally, we hit FutureShop, Esmond got a CSI DVD set, and I brought the home theater back to Ian and Jazmine’s apartment. It was a long day, I was short on sleep, and I made a few traffic mistakes, so I hit the sack right away. That’s day one.

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