Here I go again…

Well, Mitake has been running super-slow, getting delays like you wouldn’t believe. I did all the standard fare checking – spyware, viruses – and I even ran a chkdsk on the hard drive – nothing. The PC is also automatically set to defrag every night, so there’s no excuse for fragmentation.

I’m reinstalling XP as we speak. It was touch-and-go for a while there. I made the stupid mistake of deleting the boot partition instead of just formatting it, but I didn’t want to take any chances with viruses and malicious bootloaders. Everytime I tried to create the partition again, it kept insisting on assigning the partition to (E:). So, fine, I don’t give a shit, I go ahead and let setup do what the hell it wants, and then it says my second partition on the drive is corrupted and it cannot continue with the installation. As much as I hate fixing computers, I actually hate fixing my own. It’s so fucking stupid – I can pretty much fix any machine with a pretty high success rate, despite my frustrations, but when it comes to my own personal boxes, all the shit in the world hits the fans. The rules may as well be thrown right out the window, because the rules of physics do not apply here. Things that absolutely should NOT be happening due to the circumstances involved ARE happening, and only on my boxes. WTF!

I had to pull several tricky moves at once to get past this point. I mean, no OS equals no computer. For some strange reason, the last time I did this, I lost a shitload of data. The reason? The new SP2 uses some kind of updated NTFS, because setup always says that either the drive is corrupt, the partition is corrupt, or files are corrupt, etc. Even if I did get XP installed, setup would have chkdsk’ed both of my data partitions, changed all the file entries, and render all my files useless. So, I disconnected my second HDD to avoid having it read at all, at least until SP2 is installed. I popped in a Linux CD, fdisk’ed the first HDD, and rearranged the partitions on my own. My primary partition finally went back to (C:). Also, to prevent the second partition from being read at all, I changed the file system type to Linux. Hehehe, tricky, eh? Setup still recognizes is as an NTFS partition, but it cannot assign a drive letter because the file system type doesn’t match the actual file system. Right now, I’m installing SP2. That’s right, I wrote this entire freaking blog in the amount of time it took to download and install SP2. Actually… it’s STILL installing. What a beast. I’m seriously considering buying XP again, just to have SP2 included in the installation.

Anyway, we’ll see how everything turns out. When I say ‘turns out’, I mean if I lose more files again.

Current Music: Uehara Takako – GLORY ~Kimi Ga Iru Kara~

Piece of personal trivia – This is actually my most favorite J-Pop song. Takako is so cute (and hot) and she sings otherwise J-Pop style songs, unlike what she sang when she was a part of SPEED. This song is awesome, I love the melody, the music, and the Engrish lyrics. If any of you haven’t heard her pupa album, it actually sounds nothing like this song, but it’s still a good album overall. She does her own rendition of Yume No Naka He, which is a classic.

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