HF-Network Update & SNOW O_O

Greetings from the fresh, snow-covered north. Yes, there’s SNOW up here and it’s STILL snowing. Our fall season this year lasted 9 days. It’s a new record!

Anyway, this post isn’t for idle banter. So, on to the update.

HF-Network will be shutting down within a few hours of the time of this post. They will be down for approximately 24 hours to fix the overload problem they’ve been having recently. For those of you who download from this site, please pass the news on so that there isn’t a repeat of the ensued panic caused by the sudden downtime of anime.mircx.com a few months back.

On a side note, if you download a lot from a tracker site, and you’ve saved hundreds or thousands of dollars, you should consider making donations to these nice people who bring us these torrents. After all, servers, bandwidth, and even time costs money. I’ve donated to my favorite sites. How about you?

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  1. It feels like we should have snow here. . . ~__~

  2. Just be glad you actually don’t have it… ^_^

  3. Snow is nice up to a certain point. It’s really pretty at first cuz it covers up everything and makes everything look like a christmas card. But then it just gets really messy, cuz everyone’s stepping on it, tracking dirt, or the cars’ exhaust gases are turning the snow black or gray… =_=;

    It’s that cold there, huh?

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