HIOS Life V.

Well, it’s semi-official. I’ve begun work on HIOS Life V, the beta name for the new HIOS Life manga I’ve been planning for a bit now. So far, I’ve drawn up the design for the cover of the first volume, and I’ve already thought of a design for the next volume’s cover. Hahaha.

I’m doing things as correctly as I can possibly get – I’ve created my own digital manga sheets with the proper guidelines, all in correct metric measurements and such. I calibrated my Wacom to suit my drawing style. Now that I have this new method of drawing at my disposal, I no longer have to spend countless hours scanning and retouching pages like crazy. Mind you, it’s still taking me some time to get used to drawing with guidelines.

I posted a sketch of Minky-chan in my Artwork page (EDIT: Click the Minky-chan link or choose to view by the Artwork category in the menu). This will give you an idea of what my art style is going to look like. Mind you, I plan to redesign every single character before I start drawing the manga for real. I’m also writing up an actual plotline to follow. Pretty crazy, eh? Well, I hope I can actually stick to a schedule once I get up and running. I hope I can get fast enough on the Wacom to actually pump out pages in a decent amount of time. I’ll probably end up serializing monthly pages that are minutely detailed. I could probably do something like that for the first little while until my proficiency in drawing gets better again. Already, though, I spotted some mistakes in my new sketch, so I’ll have to practice a lot more to get back into shape.

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