HIOS.org and Kelly Chen

That’s right! HIOS.org has Kelly Chen as an official vocalist for our theme songs!

Just kidding. It’d be cool, wouldn’t it?

I spent a good portion of the weekend watching movies and Lain with James. Hanging out and all. That’s cool.

During the rest of the time, I worked on the HIOS.org website. Since Kitty Kitty Kohkoh (yes, I changed the spelling) will be debuting soon, I had to rek0de the PHP on my site to have dynamic web manga. I have no idea why I didn’t implement it before, but… ehh, whatever. It’s almost done now. I even made a promo panel for Kitty Kitty, so check it out Tuesday morning. It should be up by then.

I received a bunch of my parcels on Thursday and Friday. I got in the Shine PS2 game, and my order from CDJapan! YAY! The Blu version of CALMI CUORI APPASSIONATI is just too cool! I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll probably wait until I’m home again to curl up and watch it. The flow/BLADE RUNNER was not bad, although I actually preferred the other tracks to flow. Kelly Chen (Chan) is just too awesome. Her Japanese sounds great! Her music has taken on a techno-guitar edge in these CDs, and I love the sound – it sets her apart from other C-Pop artists, and she’s gone J-Pop!

If you’ve never heard of Kelly Chen, refer to the most recent Thursday entry, New Stuff. I explained everything there.

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