Hoe!!! My first entry!

Welcome to my first entry. I just created this LiveJournal yesterday, but I didn’t have the time to post anything since I bought “Emperor: Battle for Dune” and “Oni” for my PC. Needless to say, I didn’t get much productivity done …hehehe …

Both of my left wisdom teeth are growing in the mid-stages, so they hurt like hell right now. I have to stick to less-than solid foods for now, and I’m too chicken to go to the dentist. It doesn’t matter, my top-right tooth has completely grown in and I have no problems with it, and my bottom-right tooth is currently just sitting there, and hasn’t reached the mid-stages of growth yet.

Hey, I’m no dentist. I’m more of a computer guy. I just recently got paid $215.00 for computer work at a realtor’s office and at a school in a small reserve town north of where I live. It’s all in a day’s work, I guess.

My brother has it so easy. He works for the municipal department of highways and transportation as a practicing civil engineer, so he cooks rocks all day long. Because it’s a government job, he gets overtime like crazy – double-time and a half on holidays, week-ends, and hours exceeding the basic 8. Not to mention, paid lunches. I’m jealous, but I wouldn’t want to cook rocks all day. If only he would help out at the restaurant on his days-off. After all, he is getting free room and board at home.

I forgot to mention that. My parents own a restaurant. I’m kinda stuck between staying and leaving because, after all, it’s my parents, and it’s always been a family-owned business. If I left, they’d be stuck with nobody except for my lazy baby brother. Their service would be exceptionally slow. Hiring new people is risky because they not only would be trusting them with treating the customers right to maintain our level of reputation, but they’d also have to trust them with handling money and stuff like that, which is extremely risky because everything we own has been put into the restaurant, and losing money would not secure that. We didn’t lease; the restaurant is like our second house, complete with its own mortgage and everything.

On the second hand, I really want to leave this town, because I’m going nuts, and going nuts is not good. That, and the fact that I’m isolated from a lot of services and products that I need, as well as employment opportunities, and the chance to live out my youth. My youth has passed, and I have never been to a major university. It’s sad how life works out. I miss my youth, and I’m not getting any younger. The only friend I have lives almost 800 kilometers away, so you could say that it’s tough to be me while not having a place to vent my opinions. Well, except for this journal.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll write for now. I have some anime drawings I have to do for my new website. Don’t visit it yet – I removed the DNS entries from my domain name, so it points to nothing at the moment, because I just signed up for a new domain and a new web host. The old domain will be redirected to there when everything is complete on their end. Until tomorrow or next time …ja ne!

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