BSD Man!!!

If you read the previous post with the tale of last night’s KFC outing, you’ll know why I’m homeless on MSN.

Chatted with Daniel for the better part of the morning. When I signed on, he was known as BSD Man!

Gmail 無限HAN – I’m a HOMELESS Guy!! says:
BSD Man! We need your help! UNIX City is being attacked by the nation of Microsoft! (cue retro theme music)
BSD Man says:
Fear not!!! I shall invoke my power of pf and cpio over there right away! Just let me grab my Tar and GZ!
Gmail 無限HAN – I’m a HOMELESS Guy!! says:
fsck those villains!!!
BSD Man says:
I will not only fsck them – I will touch them and send them to null!
BSD Man says:
BSD Man strip’ed and touch’ed his villain – mv’d him around a bit and finally dumped his core and appended it to /dev/null.
BSD Man says:
My wife who was reading over my shoulder exclaims, “God!! Such Geeks! I cannot understand a word!”
Gmail 無限HAN – I’m a HOMELESS Guy!! says:

It took me a while to get that last post on there. I actually just finished it, honestly, even though it says I posted it at 11:00. I just had lunch, so I’m off to shower and head on over to James G’s place.

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi – Liar

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  1. LOL you posted that??? :) heheh You can always spot a Unix geek :)

  2. Of course! Such amazing feats of justice and valor must always be chronicled lest the little people forget that heroes do exist. ^^

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