Hot damn.

On my birthday, probably the only good thing that came out of it was the fact that I found out that Kim, a girl that works in the place next to my restaurant, wants to go out with me. I’m flattered, really. I’m not that great-looking (IMHO), but I got this really sw33t babe wanting to ask me out.

Yeah, my initial reaction was indifference, but I was only fooling myself. I REALLY wanna go out with this girl now. Hahahaha. I was gonna go over to her workplace and ask her out, but I didn’t see her inside (the place is surrounded with windows), so I didn’t go. On my way home, I saw her! Dammit, but it was too late since the car was already moving, and I don’t think my dad would appreciate driving back. Blah.

Umm… yeah, so I guess I’m still straight? Hahahaha.

I wrote about that in my website, which I updated (as well as last night. I gotta add a members module to (now that Minky-chan is a part of it), and I feel like doing a major site redesign on Yeah… anyway, this time, I’m gonna do it right and draw it up on paper before k0ding. I’m SO bad with k0ding WHILE planning, which is why my sites seem to lack style. Anyway, if the design comes out good, I’ll definitely redesign Maybe I’ll go Flash all the way? Hahahaha. Time to get working on my websites, I guess. I’ve been lazy, and now that Minky-chan is pressin’ the laxness of Kitty Kitty Kohkoh, it’s time to get to work. Yep yep!

I bought myself a Palm m125. That rocks.

So… tomorrow? Yeah, I’ll ask Kim out then, for sure. I just hope she doesn’t stumble across this LiveJournal before then. Hahahaha.

The following is courtesy of Babelfish’s Engrish.

"With next door of fact and the girl my restaurant that it can use, perhaps the only good thing of my birthday at the place, I who then am present found the Kim we would like to go out with me, was. I flatter am flattered really and. I obtained (the imho) seeing largely, the babe of this sw33t which I would like to ask to me really, but, it is not thing. Obtaining you obtained, my first reaction it was indifferent, but, my measles it did not deceive. The I really this girl and Imade you apply the wanna. Hahahaha. I inside (as for the place surround) did not meet the window in her, but, therefore I not doing it was she where I the gonna go ask to her work place. I met to her with house my method! My father recognizing driving the car was already moving, as for me being not to think the Dammit, but that is slow excessively. Blah. The Umm... to be possible to obtain the fact that I still am straight, therefore do I presume? the Hahahaha. I wrote on my website concerning that, I (similar to the renewed last night. Member module (being the Minky-chan is that part) it adds the I gotta to the, I am moved like the thing which modifies the design of the principal place of the It can obtain in any case and it is that of the paper which..., this time, I before the k0ding gonna that correct, pull. While being planned, I the k0ding am very bad, it seems that my place why is lacking in style. In any case, the design is good, if the empty it comes, I do again to design the completely. Perhaps, do I go the flash directly? the Hahahaha. Taking in to my websites, time I who can presume. I am lazy, the Minky-chan being to be laxness pressin ' Kitty Kitty Kohkoh, is the time when you obtain the fact that it works. It is and is! Me it did quickly and the m125 bought. That stone. So... tomorrow? it can obtain, I and ask the Kim, for certainty. She and crossing this LiveJournal before, I desire the fact that you do not stumble exactly. Hahahaha."

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  1. *giggles and dances* GO FOR IT! *hugs* good luck babe

  2. I definitely will! I passed up too many chances in my life, and I promised myself that if I ever were presented chances, I’d take them. It’s a good philosophy to have… let’s just see if I follow it! Hahahaha.

  3. *laughs and huggles tight* good luck babe. just follow ur heart

  4. ahem!! I still think Hann is sexxy..

    So, dissing yourself in this matter is not accepted.


  5. Hehehe. I guess I have no choice…

    Hey-a! Welcome back to the wired world. I hope your stay this time around is a pleasant one.

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