How I spent my year-end bonus.

Well, that money I deposited into my Visa was put into use today. I made some pre-orders for J-Pop. I know. Me bad. So, here’s what I ordered:

Sonin – Asunaro Ginga
Koda Kumi – hands (CD+DVD)
DANCE MAN – Afro Gunsou
Koda Kumi – RZCD-45181 (CD+DVD)

Mind you, this isn’t too bad. These are my regular purchases – except for DANCE MAN (I needed an extra 1000 yen on the order to use my 500 yen coupon, and this single is hard to find for download). So, in a way, by preordering these now, I saved myself a good 10000 yen over two months. This sounds suspiciously similar to Save Karyn.

I pulled out the old Killer Instinct cartridge and fooled around with it for a bit. Ahh… memories of 16-bit fighters. I didn’t sit on it for too long since I still have to convert a whole load of entries to my new Blogger layout.

Esmond’s downstairs, trying to unlock some koffins in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (or PS2). Cooking with Scorpion, eh?

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