Hydro. Slayers Next.

So, I submitted two applications for new jobs. One was for Process Operator at INCO. The other was for an apprentice training term at Hydro for Power Electrician. I’m really hoping to get on with Hydro, because it’s more of a career than a temporary job. In addition, they’re paying for my education and training, plus food and lodging while I’m training in Winnipeg and Stonewall. Sweet.

Reality bites, though, so I know I won’t even get a callback.

I just went to Wal-Mart to buy new pens for work. Get this – I found the entire box set of Slayers Next for only $25!!! The set is supposed to be worth at least a hundred – so I bought it. Hehehe, what a steal. I actually felt guilty for buying it.

I had a lot of money left over from working at WP and doing deliveries (and one computer repair), so I bought five mooks featuring Aoi Sora, Kumada Yoko, Hagiwara Mai, and Yasuda Misako. I also bought an issue of BOMB, two issues of sabra, and a subscription to sabra. Hopefully, I can get my scans page going again.

Well, back to work.

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  1. I seen that on friday I held back tho. I got the batman dvd set instead.

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