I am Manga-ka, hear me erase madly.

If you haven’t noticed, I posted all my old manga pages of HIOS Life (EDIT: Select the Manga – HIOS Life category in the menu). I’ve been thinking about getting back into it, simply because it was never finished. However… I really want to change my art style. The way I draw manga right now isn’t really what I want. So, I’ve decided to fool around with my tablet a little bit more to get comfortable with it and try to get new character designs down pat before I jump back into HIOS Life. I’ll keep everybody posted.

It would be nice to have a way to post snippets from each of my blogs into this main blog. That way, people can see – at a glance – what I’m up to in each section. If I do get back into manga, I’ll want to post my latest manga page on this blog first, and I don’t want to be double-posting or sticky-posting (if that’s possible).

Hey, I was browsing the Web this morning and decided to revisit Noated.com. They used to be the big scene when it came to downloading anime – long before BitTorrent and KaZaA came along. Actually, I remember downloading LOVE Hina from them – my first taste of digital fansubs. Now, they’re a massive community with forums from every type of mainstream downloading protocol – BitTorrent, Streamload, etc. I highly recommend visiting their site if you want to find specific series or if you just wanna chill out and hang.

So, last night, I sat down and watched a few episodes of Toukyou Wankei with Mom. It’s a great series, so mushy and complicated! Just the way I like it!

I’m bad. This morning, I was surfing eBay and Amazon for some manga to buy. I’ve got $100 in my pocket thanks to Dad – it was a bonus for helping out on New Year’s Eve at the WP. So far, I’ve got my eye on the first five volumes of One Piece, the first four volumes of Keroro Gunsou, and now I’m stuck. I can either grab some Azumanga Daiou, Negima, .hack//Twilight, Love Hina, or Lagoon Engine. I was gonna get Asatte Dance, but I already have most of it downloaded. Ah, well. I’ll figure it out sooner or later and update this.

By the way, has anybody else noticed the new update that Amazon added to their site? Now the preview pictures are bigger and you can post customer photos! Sweet!

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