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Aoi Sora

I went online this morning and waited for the NIN tickets in Winnipeg to go on sale. An hour later, I snagged four floor tickets, and… I lost them. While I was trying to decide what shipping method to use, I screwed up and lost the tickets because the site had a time limit to checkout. Damn it!!! I called Eugene, he’s looking for some floor tickets for us, and then we’ll sell the ones we have. Stupid Ticketmaster – they’re a bunch of numbs for having a system like that! Why not a ten minute timeout, you shitholes?!

On the bright side, we get to see NIN again. Yay. See how much enthusiasm I’ll have when we get the FLOOR!!!

Got called into work today – Wal-Mart had printing problems. It was a simple fix, but because of our inexperience with their old-ass printers, we needed a tech support line to call, and Patrick got escalated with one, so we were golden.

The wedding DVD is pretty much done – I just need some more information and the photos to add to the DVD. It’ll be awesome once everything is done. I already have an idea for the DVD menus in my head.

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