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You’d think that a week with no updates would have produced something, but it didn’t. I ended up watching Joey, the spin-off series of Friends. I’m almost caught up, but since I don’t watch cable, I downloaded all the shows instead. If they put out Joey on DVD, I’ll definitely buy all the seasons – it has all the zaniness of Friends, but more Joey-centric.

In between that, I’ve been ripping all my old English CDs so I can put them into storage or sell them to make room for all the piles of Japanese media in my room. Stacks of manga (which I’ve been reading this week), a good stack of sabra magazines, a growing collection of resin/PVC statues, and all the J-Pop CDs make my room so claustrophobic. I love it.

So, yeah, I’ve been reading lots of manga. All that manga I bought from the local hobby store? Finished. I ordered tons of manga from Amazon last week, and it arrived two days ago, so I’m slowly going through it all. I picked up Yotsuba To! #3, Ai Yori Aoshi #5 to #10, GIRLS BRAVO #1, and Onegai TEACHER #2. I also ordered some more stuff from Neowing – just an instant order, no pre-orders this time. I have quite a lot of orders from Neowing… here’s an update to what I have on the way.

On The Way

  • Okui Masami – TRUST (CD)
  • Kawada Mami – Hishoku No Sora (CD+DVD)

November 2005

  • Arai Akino – Sora No Uta (CD+DVD)
  • Hamasaki Ayumi – Bold & Delicious/Pride (CD+DVD)

December 2005

  • Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama – Sawatari Mitsuki (PVC Statue)
  • Pia CARROT 3 – Takai Sayaka (PVC Statue)
  • Ootsuka Ai – LOVE COOK (CD)
  • Shibasaki Kou – Hitori Asobi (CD)
  • Hitoto You – & (CD)
  • Ichigo 100% – Toujou Aya (PVC Statue)
  • Pia CARROT 3 – Kinoshita Takako (PVC Statue)

January 2006

  • Hamasaki Ayumi – (miss)understood (CD+DVD)
  • yozuca – nico (CD)

February 2006

  • Bakuretsu Tenshi – Megu (PVC Statue)
  • Mai-HiME – Tokiwa Mai (PVC Statue)

The November orders were bundled together with the early December orders, which is why they’re not on the way yet. Just three more days, though.

Sorry for not having any reviews. I would review manga, but I’m not prepared to rip them apart or crack the spines just to have screenshots. Also, I’m at work, so I have no music right now either.

Big news, though. I finally got my car back from the body shop! It sure looks nice! There were a lot of issues with the body other than the damage itself, so I had a lot of work done to it, but most importantly – I finally got the color changed! I would say, “Check it out!”, but I don’t have very good pictures. The weather has been crappy and snow has been flying all over the place, so I couldn’t take any decent pictures. Also, because the sun was out yesterday, any attempted pictures resulted in tinting my car in such a way that it looked like the old color!! ;_;

Here’s a sample look of the new color, though.

Pretty snazzy, eh? When I get a better photo opportunity, I’ll post better (and full) pictures. Consider this just a teaser.

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