I know I’m gonna get flamed sooooooo bad, but…

I don’t like The Lord of the Rings. I tried to read the books but I kept falling asleep because of them. I watched the movie, and I thought it was so-so. And quite frankly, LOTR-mania is driving me crazy! Everywhere I go, it’s there, in my face, 24/7, like I’m SUPPOSED to insanely love it. I love Japan, but I don’t go around putting up Japanese ads and stuff all over the place to force everybody to love it. Shit. I hate the media.

So, I guess I’ve become quite cynical and skeptical about the media after watching my Shallow Hal DVD last night. The media plays on our emotions. It tells us what to love and what to hate. People are supposed to jump and scream when Britney Spears makes an appearance. I only jump and scream when I get my k0de working.

I always tried to keep the media from affecting me. Granted, it made me shallow when it came to people’s appearances, but I’m slowly trying to break out of that. I don’t want to like what everybody else likes unless I genuinely like it. But, if the media’s ads are all around, how do I genuinely like something? How do I know I’m not being brainwashed? The only thing I can think of is to sit down and contemplate what I really like and hate about something so that I can come to a conclusion. For example, let’s take the Lord of the Rings.

I borrowed the book from the library. I really couldn’t get into it. So, I tried to watch the movie, and still nothing. Granted, the idea is original and interesting, but it doesn’t excite me. So, I thought that maybe it might be the writing style. So, I tried a similar series in the same genre. I tried the Wheel of Time. I actually managed to read the first book, but this was at the urging of my girlfriend at the time. My overall opinion, though? I felt like I was forcing myself to stay awake while reading. So, that was a bomb. I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t like the fantasy genre. However, I watched Slayers and enjoyed it immensely. Well… for the slapstick humor and the fun it poked at the characters. So, unless fantasy is equally mixed with another genre that I love, like romance or comedy, it’s not for me.

I still can’t figure out why I enjoyed Harry Potter. Maybe because it was easy to understand and follow? Hahaha!

And the only thing that I can remember from the LOTR movie is how Frodo kept getting stabbed over and over again. I can’t help but think that he’ll continue to get stabbed throughout the next sequels. Hahaha.

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  1. DOWN WITH MEDIA GIANTS AND PROPOGANDA!!! DOWN I SAY, WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!~ A lot can be said ’bout Ayu in that respect I guess (“marketed” e.e BUT I GENUINELY like HER and her style so on so forth . . .


  2. Yeah, but I found out about Hamasaki through word-of-mouth. Therefore, I had my own chance to decide whether or not I genuinely liked her. I guess you probably did the same, ne?

  3. I found her by way of searching for the music on Napster, so I guess it was partly due to the fact that she’s so prolific ._. Ayu and Hikki were the first that came up when searching for “Japanese Music”. So I guess it’s a mixture of a lot of things really (

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