I want a FAIRLADY Z!!!

I wish I had a FAIRLADY Z. It would have solved all my problems this weekend.

I just got back from the ATM to deposit my money to my Visa. Wait. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

So, my dad gave everybody $100 as a year-end bonus for helping at the WP, the restaurant that my family has owned and operated for the past 10 years. Since my Visa has been at the breaking point for the past little while, I decided to deposit this bonus into my Visa. However, my car… wait. Maybe I should go back a bit further than this.

Okay, it all started on Friday. I got up for work as usual, and since it was a half day for the government, I got a half day too. So, I went to start my car… choke! It was -40 degrees Celsius that morning, so it was quite cold. Too cold, in fact, that my car tried to turn over, but then it just slowly winded down and died. Yow! I tried to call Pat to see if he had any booster cables, but I got ColinK at the office. He didn’t have any cables, and he couldn’t find Pat at all, so he came and gave me a ride to the office. We finally found Pat – it turned out that he was sick that morning.

Anyway, I got home at lunch after catching another ride with ColinK, and decided to try starting the car again, since it was a bit more warmer (-34 degrees Celsius), but no dice. So, when my dad got home from work, he got out his battery charger/booster, but it still didn’t start. We checked the oil and it was as thick as molasses! Looks like I need to use some oil that’s less viscous. So, we had no other choice but to wait until the weather got a bit more warmer so I could start the car and get it into the garage.

Quick explanation: My younger brother has a car and my parents have the family van. So, since I’m the oldest son, I relinquish all rights to use the garage. What a crock.

Which brings us back to last night. I was watching some Nikkei TV on satellite when my dad told me that he left my year-end bonus on my computer desk. Goodie! So, at 16:00, I decided to try starting my car again. Because the temperature got warmer and rose to -30 degrees Celsius, I was able to start the car with little trouble (had to pump the accelerator a bit before it would stay running before I could release that damn clutch). Needless to say, I gave my car a good 30 minutes before I drove to the ATM. And that’s how we got to the beginning of this post.

Holy crap, I just pulled a Memento here.

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