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My Inspiron isn’t here yet!! PUROLATORのバカ。

I ordered a few things. A ceramic white Sony PSP, two games (Puyo Puyo FEVER and Tenchu Shinobi Taizen), Lee Hyo Lee’s first CD, a Keroro Gunsou keychain, and a 1:8 scale PVC figure of Miyafuji Miina from Onegai TWINS. I can’t wait for the new COMIC PARTY PSP game that’s coming out next month. I also just found out that PRINCESS MAKER 4 for PS2 came out in September! Not only that, but I went downtown yesterday and saw SSX On Tour and We Love Katamari on the shelves. I needed to curb my spending, so I didn’t get those two.

PC Game – Bishoujo/Renai
Namiki wa kowai desu. Asumin wa kawaii desu!
Kiss at dusk. Childhood memories.

This should have been made into an anime. Keep some of the ecchi antics, as long as we get to see Asumin Kick! I finally got to “Episode 13”, only to find out that all this time, I’ve only been playing to reach the end of the first half of the game! Hidoi yo~! But, at the same time, I’m glad, because I get to play through some more storyline. I had the gutless protagonist, Yusuke, go for Asumin, and now they get to develop their budding relationship in the second half. Seriously, this guy needs a major makeover – he’s a little too feminine to be considered a guy. I guess that’s why he dresses up like a girl most of the time. Hehehe.

Komugi-chan Show
PC Game – Doujin Platform


I kicked back with a bit of playing this simple game. Whack the weird heads with a sword (?) and then suck them into a syringe (?). Yeah. The wackiness of Komugi-chan in a doujin platform game. Fun, but hard on the fingers, since the game is played only on keyboard, and key mappings are somewhat limited.

Anime – Episode #8
Resonance × 3 Ganbatte.
Shibuya no kanojo. Intruders.

I remember the chapters dedicated to this story arc of the underground base in the manga were funnier than this episode, although I do have to give kudos to the anime in general. Basically, after singing karaoke, Keroro suddenly realizes that they’ve slacked off on their mission for world conquest, upon which they all assemble together and build a massive base… underneath the Hinata home. All hell breaks loose (in the manga, at least), but here, Keroro’s stupidity is exploited once again. No funny references to DANCE MAN in this episode, though.

Anime – Episode #1
Morning. Descent to Aqua.
Undine uniforms... suteki da ne! Under the moonlight.

I’ve been awaiting this series for a few months now, ever since I bought the manga. They changed a bit for the anime – I found the President Aria rescue scene a bit too fast-paced than the manga portrayed (this scene wasn’t even in the manga), which may suit some viewers just fine, but it unsettled me a bit. There are a lot of anime out there that are already fast-paced, and I was looking forward to something simple and graceful in its execution – this scene irked me. Still, there were a lot of nice visuals here, the music set the mood, and the undine uniforms are just begging for cosplay (by cute girls, of course – I’ll just take pictures ^_^). I’m quite glad they didn’t change or add too much, though (stupid dog in Gokusen, anyone?), and the OP and ED songs were a nice touch. Just for those who didn’t read the manga, the first chapter went a bit differently. First of all, Akari didn’t stay back at Aria Company by herself, she was actually rowing with Alicia as an instructor. The customer they picked up wasn’t Ai-chan, it was a cranky old man who got lost and separated from his daughter and husband. They also didn’t run into Aika – she wasn’t even introduced until the next chapter. Still, for the first episode, I think it was wise to have Ai-chan along for the ride – she was cute and this kind of thing has its appeal and charm. One thing I did notice, though. In the manga, President Aria reaches Akari’s waist when sitting up, and in the anime, they shrunk him! I guess he’s more cuter this way.

Current Music: Ishida Yoko – Towa No Hana

This is the self-cover remix from her album, Hyper Yocomix. It was a rather good album, where she covered several anime songs from various artists and series. I especially liked this one, which she sang for the OP of Ai-ao (+10 pts if you guessed it right).

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