I want to stop using computers.

Just so that it’s been written down, I moved all my files to the proper partitions and scanned everything properly before reformatting.

It was an utter failure. Scandisk kicked in during the installation for some strange reason and started doing weird shit to my pictures, music, videos, apps, etc. All those files are still there, but are so corrupt that they are no longer useful. Can’t open anything. A few things survived here and there. I don’t even want to go through my music collection.

Just when you thought that life couldn’t get any worse, you get screwed by “what else could happen?”

I want to minimize my use of computers. To hell with all this garbage. I’ve been screwed over by these machines since day-one.

My plan: double backups. I want a RAID configuration. I want weekly tape backups. I want to ensure that nothing of this sort happens again, and if it does, I will lose nothing short of a day. To hell with power, to hell with games. If I can do my writing and drawing, and handle my Japanese media, I couldn’t give a shit about anything else. If I wanna game, that’s what the PS2 is for.

Other than that, I’m shit outta luck with my current Japanese media. Fuck.

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