Well, I guess I should recap my trip in Winnipeg. I’ve only delayed for… a week. ^_^

After the movie on Sunday, we watched Lain at home and ordered Papa George’s. We had to walk there to get it, though, but it was a good walk and I got to see more of Osbourne. On Monday, I woke up early and worked on Ian’s computer while eating cookies. Their cat, Astra, hovered evilly around me. Eventually I got tired of waiting for Ian to wake up and I imitated his alarm clock. That sure got him up. When Alanna got back from school, she took a nap while Ian and I contemplated lunch (and his computer). We decided to head out for a walk to 7 Eleven for some snacks. Then Ian called me dishonorable, so we got into a major swordfight all the way down Corydon (digivolve into Porygon! ^_^). Well… not really, but we made it to 7 Eleven without incident, and I saw that they had taquitos!!! TAQUITOS!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE! Finally, my craving was satiated! But, I had to save my appetite for later, so I only bought two taquitos. They were yummylicious! The walk back was awesome, talking about this wonderful area of Winnipeg that I’d love to live in. When we got back, I backed up Ian’s data and formatted his hard drive, installing a fresh copy of WinXP. Alanna had woken up, so she stayed in the computer room and watched Rose Of Versailles while I watched the rest of Pirates of Silicon Valley. While watching, Ian ordered Pizza Hut for (late) lunch. He got interac for delivery! It was crazy! I saw the interac machine they had… it was like a big cellphone that had an interac-style keypad and mini thermal printer attached to it! Neato! Everybody ate and started watching Lain – except for me. I had to eat from Astra’s dish in the kitchen. Boo-hoo! Okay, seriously, when we finished Lain, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t bought a bus ticket back to home yet! So, I called them and found out the times that the depot would be open for ticket sales. In essence, we slept early.

I woke up to my alarm, and Ian and I decided to head out so that Alanna could get more sleep. We went on the bus and talked about what things would be like with me living in Winnipeg, as well as whether or not it would be a for sure thing. We got to the bus depot without incident, bought the ticket, and had dim sum for lunch at Grand Garden. I bought Pocky for Priss and Minky, as well as the new Sammi CD! We went home and it was still so freakin hot, so I walked alone to 7 Eleven while Ian took a nap. I took my sweet time, taking in all the sights and scents of Porygon Avenue this time around – yes, it IS Corydon, but please remember that it digivolved earlier. I bought a Mountain Dew blue slush and took my time coming back. When I did come back, I worked on Ian’s computer some more. When Alanna and Ian woke up, we watched the last disc of Lain. After that, we watched Office Space and had KFC for supper. When the movie was over, it was time to go, so I packed, Ian called a cab, and I headed off.

The surprise wasn’t over! When I got on the bus, Eugene’s friend, Scott, got on the bus and told me that Eugene dropped him off. I KNEW I would miss him once during this trip! Hahaha.

So, what’s been up this past week? Nothing. I didn’t update LJ because I was busy watching movies after work. I saw A Guy Thing and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I liked 10 Days the most. Anyway, I have to cut this short again (mostly because there’s nothing else eventful to talk about).

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  1. Ta-QUI-tos!! TAQUITOS!!! Wahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Ahem….(Starts to write.)

    Dear MugenHAN,

    I have offically gone insane over Taquitos. Please buy me one. Or I will….eat this stone!


  3. What?

  4. I have NO idea on what I was eating, I mean, saying, then. Maybe I was ‘stoned’?

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