I’m Going To Shoot My Dentist.

My teeth hurt like crazy. Once these damn wisdom teeth come out, it’ll only solve half of my problems – the other half being that I have cavities and a possible root canal that needs to be done! Oh yeah, and I need a Wacom! Hehehe.

The past two days have been hard on me. For one thing, I’ve been sleeping earlier, so that’s been wreaking havoc on my daily energy, making me more tired during the day. However, once I get used to sleeping early, I will probably have more energy. As much as I love the nightlife (ie. using the net at night because I have no social life), it’s screwing up my sleeping habits. It’s probably the sole reason why I get so tired during the day, except for Tuesday, because Monday is usually when I sleep in and take late-afternoon naps.

Memo to Ian: I just made the latest Psycho Mix, and I dropped the metal part because it’s become so mellow, but it’s still psycho because the music still conveys anger and hatred that make you want to put your fist in something – preferably something breathing. ^_^

I just did tonight’s deposit for RadioShack. We used to deposit with Royal Bank, but now we’re with ScotiaBank. WHY??? I HATEHATEHATE going to Scotia because of the two doors that need to be unlocked to get to the deposit box, the small slit that you have to carefully slide the deposit bag through, and the same two doors that need to be unlocked on the way out because the mall is too stupid to put handlocks on the inside! Anger… rising…

Tomorrow is another long day with WAY too much staff on hand. My vacation days are scheduled for this Monday all the way to the Wednesday after next. That’s a week and a half of vacation!!! I’m thinking about going down to Winnipeg to visit Ian and Alanna. I mean, Ian and Ruth! I mean, Will and Grace!

Hahaha, that one was for you, bro. :p

Current Anime: Initial D – Episode 5 [P-A]

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