impeller inside

Damn lawn mowers.

Well, I’m back home again. I miss the city already.

I had to call Nex Innovations to see if they even had my résumé or not. I explained that I was in the city for a week after I submitted my résumé. They said they would follow up on it. I’m having doubts about it now.

Today, after sleeping for a bit, I was working on the StarCraft WAD I had abandoned a while ago. Now that I’m a bit more proficient in using CEP, applying filters to my voice is easier and gives more variety to each character in the game. I may have to re-do all the old voices I had already done to maintain consistency throughout the game.

Back to work on Monday. Nobody ever looks forward to that.

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  1. You and your damned Impellers! Geez! Get over it already! ^_^

  2. YOU!!! You’re the one that started it all!!! >_<

    … but what if you had impellers in every wall, the ceiling, and the floor? What if there was a propeller sitting on the farthest wall from the entrance? Would it create a funnel that would suck you through the entire house upon entering?

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