In Dremel We Trust

I walked home from work for the first time in years. I guess I really didn’t want to sit in the van with HER. That, and I needed the exercise. When I got home, the internet kept kicking out last night. So I ended up playing Diablo II again for a while. I brought my old level-11 assassin up to level-12. Can you believe that ever since I bought the game, I still haven’t made it past Act 2? I started over again and now I’m still on Act 1. The game was tough until Hidetoshi-otouto came up and showed me how he distributed his character points. It worked wonders for me. ^_^

After that, the Net was working again (stupid local ISP), and I went online. I just ordered the soundtrack CDs for Azumanga Daiou and .hack//SIGN from CDJapan, and I got their invoice. After that, I popped on to a case-mod website and bought a nibbling tool and some replacement static bags (resealable too!). Also, my Lain and KareKano soundtrack CDs are being prepared by JPOPHelp. About time! Those guys are cheaper than ordering out of the country since they’re in BC, but dammit – they take forever!!!

Today was quite eventful. I popped my H CD into my Japanese PS2 and hooked up the RCA audio cables to my MP3 player and recorded the tracks that way. After I was done, I popped the files into my comp, edited them with Cool Edit Pro, and tagged them properly. Comparing them with other Ayu songs, they sound just like actual rips! w00t! I r0ck! ^_^

After that was done, I decided to go downtown and see if I could pick up some stuff. Brown sugar from Safeway. blank CD-R’s from Walmart. A dremel from Crappy Tire. Wait, go back. A DREMEL?!?! That’s right, folks, I went and bought the ultimate PC-mods tool – the awesome Dremel! ph33r me!! Wahahaha! Soon, my days will be filled with modding! Well… as soon as I get more cash to buy a new case and some parts to actually constitute a working PC. Hehehe.

But, holy crap, what a HUGE MANUAL.

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  1. I LOAF YOU!! +_+ *hugs* Dremel is your HOD!! >D Is that Shimatani Hitomi’s “Amairo no Kame no Otome” I see??? o.-?? *sings*

  2. I need to start copyin’ the CD’s I have, but WHAT a CHORE!! I have like 15 Copy protected CD’s I gotta work with X_x!!

  3. Yes, yes! Loaf me! Loaf me! Hahaha ^_^


    It’s actually Shanty!

  4. *pat pat* There, there, everything will work out fine.

  5. I thought the title was too short -__- *sings* If you have her album, don’ you jus’ LOVE the remix of “Amairo no Kame no Otome”?!? I love it! It’s trancy yet so ambient o.o

  6. Mooooooouuuu!!! I guess I have to get her album now… I was gonna get it, anyway. Hahaha. ^_^

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