In space… nobody can hear you scream!!!

Listening to Katase Nana’s Extended album. I think I might have to buy a new subwoofer. This one keeps kicking out on me, and I don’t know if it’s running or not sometimes. Ah, well. I’m broke, so I’ll have to settle for unplugging it when I need to.

I really need to find a new way to distribute my torrents. Maybe I should cave in and start encoding my rips in 256kbps so I can join #nipponsei or something. Not that I’m particularly fond of doing so… I really want to keep my works my own. I don’t do translations, I just offer raw stuff, so… oh, well. I’ll just look for a J-Pop torrent site or something, like the Public Morning Musume Tracker.

Well, the scanner is prepped and ready to plug in. I just have to finish copying files from Mitake to burn off, then I’ll install the software.

Gotta find lunch.

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