I get inspiration from weird things. For instance, one of my most favorite English bands is Orgy. I have both of their albums, and love them both to death. I’m always humming them at work (or elsewhere). Anyway, Orgy is kinda brit (vocals), goth (lyrics), industrial, techno, and synth all in one (Brit GITS? O_o). It’s probably the best way to describe them. Their lyrics, especially, combined with the music, is very dark and angsty. They kinda remind me of Depeche Mode, using happy-sounding synth instruments used in songs from the 80’s. Anyway, as a result, they come off sounding goth, even though they’re more glam rock. Okay, they are just a mix of all that’s dark, angsty, and gender-bending, okay? Hahahaha.

Anyway, I digress. hitomi has been the inspiration for HACK-R, one of my accomplished series (which I really SHOULD post the rest of), and I’ve been wanting to do a sequel. So far, I have written a bit of an OAV of sorts, but it doesn’t really involve the main characters from the first one – at least not directly. Mamoru makes a cameo, but that’s about it. I wanted to take the E-Reality out of the box and see how a normal kid with no hacking skills whatsoever would deal with it. Currently… the idea is good, but I think that it might not satisfy all of you readers out there.

With the advent of sudden inspiration from Orgy’s music, I’ve decided to start making plans for a HACK-R 2.0. I want to include all of the original characters, add a few new ones, more challenging enemies, and more surprises. When you think about it, HACK-R has always been a series for computer g33kz, but easy enough to follow by regular readers. If I were to make HACK-R 2.0, it would be more than an “upgrade”, it would be a totally revamped version, new k0d3 infrastructure and functions, if that made any sense. Well… think of the vast change from KDE 1.0 to KDE 2.0. Or MacOS 9 to OS X. Or even Windows 98 to Windows XP. Big differences, huh? Well, that’s what I wanna do with HACK-R. Same series, different UI. And, even though it hasn’t been released, the HACK-R OAV will be setting the groundwork for a lot of the changes. It will occur between both versions. Maybe I should call it HACK-R 1.5.

A little off topic, but I guess the word, HACK-R, can be kinda misleading. It looks like you pronounce it as “hacker”, but it’s actually pronounced. “hack” with an “R” after it. So, “hack R”. There’s just a dash between it to keep it together.

So… you’re probably wondering how the hell Orgy inspired me to continue HACK-R. Simple. I originally wanted to leave HACK-R hanging, the way it is. However, I felt like it would be unfair to not resolve the problem between Mamoru and Mitsune. Orgy gave me that angsty edge, and that’s the edge I want to write HACK-R 2.0 with – plenty of angst.

Anyway, I won’t say much else, but I will be doing a major site redesign for shortly. I’m coming up with ways to redesign the poor thing, and Team HANime will probably get a good redesign as well.


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