It doesn’t count.

You ever wake up in the middle of the night? Look at the alarm clock, maybe get a drink of water, use the washroom, or maybe you’re just not feeling well. Let’s pretend that you slept at 23:00 for about 4 hours. You don’t get back to sleep for about 30 minutes or so, and you have to wake up at 6:30. You got about roughly 7 hours of sleep in total, right? WRONG!!!

In actuality, you took a 4 hour nap at 23:00. You woke up, went back to sleep 30 minutes later, and woke up again at 6:30, 3 hours later. Guess what? Those three hours are all the sleep you get to deal with for the rest of the day. Those 4 hours you had before? They don’t count!!

I woke up at 5:00 this morning, half an hour earlier than I was supposed to. Since I slept at 23:00, I got about six hours of sleep. Now, I only covered myself in my blanket because it was cold, and quickly glanced at the alarm clock before going back to sleep. All in all, it took me about roughly 2 minutes to go back to sleep. Even if you’re up for a minute, when those eyes of yours open, you’ve screwed it up. Technically, I got about 30 minutes of sleep this morning. That’s why I feel so damn tired right now.

So, to summarize – the six hours of sleep I had didn’t count. The last 30 minutes I had after I woke up are all the sleep I get to deal with for the rest of the day. I wanna go back home.

Girl of the Day – Isoyama Sayaka

I promised and I plan to deliver. Here’s the girl of the day as a reward for listening to my insane theory of sleep mechanics (yes, that’s what I’ve decided to call it). Next time, you’ll get to hear my insane theory of dream emissions.

It’s gonna be another long day, but at least it’s the last long day of the week. I get to have a day off tomorrow! Yay!

Watched the live-action Initial D movie last night with Esmond. What an awful translation – they sped so many things up to squeeze the first and second season into two hours while the Takumi/Mogi storyline crept along at a normal pace, ending it where the first season ended up. The music sucked too, not including Jay’s contributed music. You see, this is what happens when Hong Kong cinema takes on foreign projects. Stupid Hong Kong. If it was taken care of by Taiwan cinema, I’m sure it would have been a lot better. However, I don’t have all bad things to say about it. They made it a lot funnier. Bunta is a hentai who loves looking at young girls. They did a downhill race with three cars. It’s still ten times better than the Fast and the Furious movies.

Well, the sooner I finish my work, the sooner I can get outta here. On time, that is.

Current Music: Nine Inch Nails – Only

Weird, but I like it. “There is no you, there is only me.” “I just made you up to hurt myself.” One of the more interesting songs on With Teeth. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it became a single. Then again, maybe not. There are two more radio-friendly songs on the album. Guess which ones they are?

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