It never ends.

Yeah, so now Mitake is up and running, harboring a bit of a hard drive bug with the BIOS not reading my new 200 GB properly. But, who cares. A forced auto-detect, and it works again. Just don’t shut off the PC and it doesn’t do it again, even if I reboot.

The new Ultra X-Connect UV-Blue PSU came in, so I popped it into Mitake and pulled out the other X-Connect and put it into Hagiwara. You’d think I’d be up and running after a reinstall, right? Nope. Hagiwara is exhibiting problems I’ve never seen act together before – it’s almost as if all of Hagiwara‘s individual parts are coordinating their efforts to fuck me up. It freezes when trying to load the desktop. Now it doesn’t even post. I want to throw it down a flight of stairs and be done with it, except that I need the damn thing to do all my manga and writing related stuff, as well as sync my Palm handheld. I’m being set back in the worst way because I’m lacking my work PC. I haven’t written or drawn anything since this whole fiasco began, because I can’t sync my Palm (don’t trust the damn thing since it froze and needed to be reset). I can’t access my files without doing a tedious piggyback of the hard drive. I’m adrift at sea without a compass or water.

There are times when you just feel so useless and you can’t do anything. This is one of those times. I feel frustrated beyond belief, and I just have this feeling that nothing is ever going to fix these problems of mine, because when I have one solved, two more pop up to take its place.

I really wonder what life would be like without computers now. I used to live without one when I was younger. Maybe I should consider doing so again, otherwise I might not be able to continue living.

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