It’s been a looooooooong week…

And it may get longer next week. Apparently, Stacey finished today. She officially resigned and walked out the back door without saying a word. Of course, since George, the Loss Prevention Inspector, was there, she might have staged the entire act and will be back on Monday to help Lee out with his new managerial duties. Who knows? I won’t know until Tuesday, that’s for sure.

Well, I think that George was impressed with me, probably because I never stopped working, and my half hour lunch break only took 15 minutes. I would say, “Damn, I’m good,” but I’m really saying, “Damn, I’m tired! ;_;”

I don’t hate the job. Not yet, anyway. But I am finding it harder to continue working as hard as I am. Hopefully, I will presevere. I just found out that my colleague, Danny, made $900, even though I pretty much tied with him in sales my first two weeks! What’s going on? Well, if things continue the way they are, and I get underpaid, I’ll bring it up with Lee.

Anyway, rented Panic Room. Gonna go watch that now. So, if you see my empty chair in the webcam entry… you’ll know why. Hahahaha.

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