It’s Done!!

After suffering from lack of sleep yesterday, my stomach was acting up all day long, so it was really hard to eat anything without suffering the consequences later. The only solution would have been to catch up on sleep, but that would have been impossible at work. I only get a 15 minute window there. Anyway, I slept lots last night, so I’m all good now! ^_^

Anyway, I sold the majority of my stuff except for a few CD’s and my games, but that’s because I couldn’t get a hold of Jason at Blockbuster, who wanted to see what I had for sale. I made enough money to buy both Disgaea and La Pucelle: Tactics, so I ordered them from! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! ^_______^

Anyway, I’ve offered my services to two computer service businesses here in town, so I guess I’m back in the game for a bit. My first job is this Sunday at the School of Social Work office for John’s Aurora Computers business. “Hentai John” (hehehe) and I are basically trying to get some workstations to communicate with the wireless router, so that’ll be fun. It was supposed to be done yesterday, but John called me to reschedule. Dammit… I just realized that I have to get a hold of John’s cell number. I also just realized that getting a cell myself would be somewhat useful. Maybe I might stop by MTS to check out their Pay As You Go phones. Maybe if I start doing a lot of work for John. We’ll see. ^_-

Just sitting here listening to a custom playlist of Koda Kumi and downloading Tantei Gakuen Q – Episode 21. It’s such a cool series. I love the cute little thingies that sometimes make no sense at the end of the episodes! Anyway, I still have yet to finish that monster 6 GB B’t X torrent!! X_x

Ka-Ka! I want to see that lil’ cutie niece of mine!! She’s the cutest! So, I’m gonna go see her. Ja! ^_~

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