It’s More Tricky!

I’ve been stuck on what anime to watch since I finished Onegai Twins. I found it in a rather modest jewel – 君が望む永遠. I love this series so much that I went and downloaded the 3rd episode from another group just to see what happens next!! I’m in love.

My parcel from CDJapan came in today at work. It was my Katase Nana 2003 calendar and the latest Katase Nana CD single. I was going to rip it tonight, but Wal-Mart FINALLY got in a copy of SSX 3!!! w00t! I had to cancel my order with Amazon – getting it soon was more important than how much it cost. Anyway, when I got home, I just ripped right into it – didn’t even change out of my work clothes. What an awesome game! The controls took a little bit of getting used to, but I realized that because the gameplay and animation is more fluid than Tricky was, and that many of the old rules were thrown out of the window, it was very quick to adjust. Most of the gameplay changes were minor and didn’t spoil the game at all, though I do miss a lot of the old Tricky sound effects. It’s less annoying, though! No more repetitive moron telling you, “No tricks, no boost!” Instead, you have a HUD that displays everything, and there’s a DJ that just talks about current events and plays the music. The best part of the game now is the fact that there are now rail ubertricks, two levels of uber tricks, handplants, recovery feature for falling down, shove blocking, and way more customizability (is that a word?)! Instead of earning new boards and character points when you pass, you win cash. Cash buys you experience points in any of the six upgrades you can get. In addition, every unique trick you do in the game gives you cash as well as points. Also, clothes are more of a fashion now, so spending money on that early in the game is now a waste of time until you’ve maxxed out your character stats. The music is cool – you get five free tokens to buy the songs you want in your customizable playlist, but you can choose to listen to all the songs on random (with or without the DJ).The game is a lot more quiet than before too. The one thing that disappointed me was that of all the voice performers to return to the game, only Bif Naked was in the list. Even Kaori’s voice actress was replaced. Mind you, she sounds a lot less cute and more mature than before. All in all, there is a heck of a lot more replayability here in this game than Tricky ever had. I’ll give it a better score when I spend more time with the game. So far, I’m loving it.

Whoops, better go to sleep. I DO work tomorrow. ;_;

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  1. What Anime are you watching. . . I can’t read it.

  2. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien! I’m a sap for shoujo. ^_^

  3. I know this is irrelevant, but what do you think about macs?

  4. Macs rock! When I get my next computer next year, it’s going to be an Apple G5!

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