J-Pop CD

I’m listening to the J-Pop CD I made this afternoon. Not bad!

Track List
(1) Sega Dreamcast Intro
(2) Utada Hikaru: SAKURA ドロップス
(3) Hirai Ken: Why
(4) Hamasaki Ayumi: Free & Easy ”Original Mix”
(5) Matsuura Aya: ももいろかたおもい
(6) Anzai Hiroko: Reality (Eternity Eurobeat Version)
(7) GLAY: Be with You
(8) Hotei Tomoyasu: RUSSIAN ROULETTE
(9) Utada Hikaru: 光 – PLANITb Remix
(10) Kuraki Mai: Perfect Crime
(11) hitomi: SAMURAI DRIVE
(12) Aiuchi Rina: I can’t stop my love for you
(13) MAX: How Much I Love You
(14) Folder5: Stay…
(15) Hamasaki Ayumi: UNITE! ”MugenHAN’s A Visual ~AYU-MI-X STUDIO~ Mix”
(16) Utada Hikaru: traveling

All of the above tracks are old and new tunes that I’ve been listening to recently from my Archos MP3 Jukebox. I encoded Track 1 myself by recording my Sega Dreamcast starting up with a digital source for top quality. Most of these tracks, I ripped from my CD’s (and some from the Net – hehehe). I know that Track 13 isn’t one of MAX’s singles, but it’s one of my favorites. Track 15 is an actual remix that I made using the AYU-MI-X STUDIO software in the second disc of A Visual Mix for PS2. I encoded it myself the same way I did Track 1. Oh, and if you’re interested in listening to my remix, then comment me! I might be willing to put it on my website for download. Okay, off to bed, I go!

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