Just Wanted to Clear This Up…

“There’s no difference between g33kz and nerds.” Yes, there is! Nerds are those people with suspenders, pocket protectors, glasses with guards on them, and really insufferable social skills. (ie. Steve Urkel)

Here is a list of differences:
Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame) – nerd
Wil Wheaton (of ST:TNG fame) – g33k
Ross Geller (from Friends) – nerd (don’t know about David Schwimmer in real life, though)
Johnny Lee Miller – posed as a g33k on Hackers, but might actually just be normal – we’ll never know
Greg Dean (of Real Life Comics fame) – g33k

It’s far superior to be a g33k. g33kz can like all the things that nerds can, but they don’t have to look or act like it everyday. g33kz can have significant others that are comparable to Kirsten Dunst or Josh Hartnett. Heck, g33kz CAN be comparable to Kirsten Dunst or Josh Hartnett in this day and age, they can even be that guy or girl you have a crush on because he/she is so hot – he/she may even turn out to be your webmaster or network admin. It’s all about g33k ch1c. g33kz are indistinguishable from the average person. g33kz are just l33t.

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