Kaila Yu is Awesome …

I love Kaila Yu. A Chinese model hailing from Taiwan, she’s just the kind of girl I’d like to have. She’s an indoors person, loves Japan (including anime and J-Pop), and is such a babe! And when I say babe, I mean Babe! I’d post pictures of her here, but where’s the fun in that?

I can’t wait for DSL. I start installing them for my town next week. I hope my name’s high up on the list. I’d like to get my website posted using DSL, because 56k is a pain in the 4$$.

Speaking of websites, I’m having a real problem with mine right now. I moved my old domain name, “hios.org” to a new server, and then I signed up for a new web hosting package on that server, as well as a new domain, “hanime.org”. However, the new one isn’t working, and I still have yet to move “hios.org” to this new account. Agh. I hate doing things by e-mail. It’s faster, but only if people are actually checking it frequently. Phone calls are better and faster. Just more expensive, mind you.

Hey, has anybody seen the new Tomb Raider movie? Not me. Damn, I wish I was in the city for the first showing, but it’s almost 900 kilometers away, and spending $180 on a bus ticket just to see a movie is not a smart idea.

The song is by Miriam Yeung Chin Wah, and is the theme song for the Chinese drama TV series, “A Smiling Ghost Story”.

Anyway, I think I’ve made your ears bleed enough. Ja ne, minna-san …

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