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Sunday, July 14, 2002
Let's be honest here... gnarly feet suck. And no matter how poor you may be, there is no excuse for gnarly feet. Especially in sandal season, when not only you, but everyone has to look at your feet. So, today I decided to give myself an at-home pedicure. I soaked, scrubbed and moisturized. I trimmed, filed and painted. And Voila! Purdy feet. I did it for myself, I did it for my co-workers, I did it for the strangers on the train. AND I saved about $30.

You go, Karyn!

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  1. *Steals* I didn’ know she updated!! @_@!!


  2. This is actually an old post, but I like some of the old posts. Makes me feel like stealing an apple or something…

  3. I KNOW!! >D hahaha!~ I realized it was old post when I looked at date -__-; god I’m blonde . . .


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