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Anzu Sayuri

My call count at work jumped up like crazy today. I swear, ten people opened calls and Stan called me up to voice his concern. Umm… it’s not that I’m not working hard, it’s that calls keep coming faster than I can get to them! I worked so hard to bring my call count down and under control all last week, and now, it’s all gone straight to hell. So, I did some theorizing and I figured out why people have problems with computers. It’s not because computers crash constantly, or that Bill Gates has us gripped by the balls in his monopoly of Microsoft – it’s because end users are STUPID. That’s right. They’re missing 100 billion brain cells, which removes their capacity to think, learn things on their own, and display common sense – when it comes to computers, of course. These kinds of people should never use a computer. Not even Apple. Hell, even a calculator might be beyond their comprehension. It’s because, obviously, these people grew up using wood stoves, and they considered the tea kettle to be innovative technology.

Enough griping – I’m just fucking mad today. Everything that could have went wrong – went wrong. I was supposed to have somebody look at my car’s broken A/C today, but I’m too tired to go anywhere. I don’t want to do anything, I just wanna veg. I had the insane idea of drawing some short manga, but that ambition went out the window at work today.

Have you ever gotten so frustrated that you wanted to die? I used to be like that when I was younger, but now I know that suicide isn’t the answer. Breaking lots of fucking shit is the answer. At times like this, I wish I studied martial arts or still worked out, because then I could go a few rounds with a punching bag or training dummy and hit that shit until I’m too tired to care.

On a good note, though, I finished my speech for Ian and Jazmine’s wedding. I had James and Erin be my test dummy audience while I gave it – they loved it and gave me some constructive criticism, so all I gotta do now is practice it until it’s somewhat memorized, then I won’t have to keep looking at it when it’s showtime. In a sense, a memorized speech will be truly from the heart.

Holy crap, I’m still angry! I should go take a nap and let everything just wash away before I do anything else.

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