Kill Me Now, Chupa

It was another grueling day today. Chad, Dennis, and I repriced almost the entire store. Needless to say, we did a lot more than we usually did. I guess having an extra guy helping is handy. Anyway, John was on the computer all day long, and he even left earlier than usual. I’m gonna have to talk to Lee about how to deal with delinquent employees when I become assistant manager. Dennis pulled me aside and gave me a few pointers, but I don’t want to deal with things the way he does. I want to be just and fair, and not bossy the way Lee isn’t. Lee is a great model to follow after. He makes sure we get the job done, but he’s also cool about it. I don’t think I will ever be half the manager that he is by the time it gets forced on to me, but if I actually get the chance to hang out and do it at my own pace, it just might happen. After all, I want to bring some of the winning earnings down to Winnipeg if I decide to move down there.

I downloaded the entire Underworld soundtrack today in between pricing. It’s awesome so far. I really want to see this movie. It looks like it’s gonna be Blade VS. The Matrix VS. Queen Of The Damned. Dark, cool, and hella creepy. I love Kate Beckinsale and I think she did an awesome job in Brokedown Palace. The only thing that creeps me out so far about Underworld is the fact that in the movie poster, she looks rather… ambiguous. Hahahaha. Creepy desu ne? I should take some cash to go see this movie in the city. I’m VERY sure that Ian and Alanna would love this movie.

Who am I kidding? I’m so broke that if somebody touched me, I’d fall apart at the seams. Hahahaha. My Equilibrium DVD FINALLY arrived at Music City, but I can’t afford it!! I took the money and bought .hack//OUTBREAK instead.

Hey, I have NOT been spending money like a faucet. Contrary to that fact, I actually paid off my HDTV debt with Citifinancial! I’m cutting up the card when I get my final statement.

What to download next… the new Mya? Kristine Sa? One Voice? Natalise? Ashanti?

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  1. Yes, definetly, I am planning to see Underworld at some point.

    The owner of Pendragon (one of the rp stores around here) said it was a great movie and anyone who’s a white wolf fan would love the movie.

    So I’m defiently interested in seeing it. I know Ian is too. n_n

  2. Yeah, that’s the strange thing, I’m neither a fan of vampires or werewolves or the like, but the movie just looks awesome. Which is weird, because I’m really not a fan of the horror/gore genre.

    Sorry for the lateness of my reply, but for some stupid reason, LJ seemed to have “deleted” this entry. I finally found that I had to go to the main page and click on my recent entries link to make it show back up. Stupid LJ! >_

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